Need A Scan?

If you need a scan for your injury, we have easy access to all the latest technology.

Using our sister company Cleve Chiropractic, perfectly situated just across the road from the Next Step fitness centre, we offer digital X-rays and diagnostic ultrasound scans on site. We also have close ties with local MRI centres and can put you in touch with that specialist service, too.
Here's how we can help you get back to fitness, with a quick, informed diagnosis:

  • X-rays - perfect for looking at bone damage, giving crystal clear and detailed images.
  • Ultrasound scans - great for viewing soft tissue structures that are not too deep, such as shoulders, hamstrings and Achilles.
  • MRI scans - excellent for reviewing both bones and soft tissue structures.

X-rays cost only £65 (please ask for a price if you need an X-ray for more than one area).
Ultrasound scans cost £50.
MRI scans cost £228 (if you are not already a patient here, you will also need a consultation with a physiotherapist or chiropractor).
For more information, or to book, just call 0117 9560 323.