Postural Exercise Class

Poor posture is so common in the modern western world. It's due to many things from the increase in desk based work and long periods of driving to an imbalance in exercise training in the gym. This leads to an increase in low back pain, neck pain and simply poor aesthetic posture. Nobody wants to look hunched over if they can help it.
We give out so many exercise plans for the treatment of poor posture causing back and neck pain that we came up with the idea of creating a 6 week postural exercise course. Patients loved the idea of having help and guidance with their exercises.
The course consists of an initial postural assessment in week one with a final postural assessment in week six, to measure your improvement. Each week develops from the last with some simple 'homework' exercises prescribed every week.
The whole 8 week course is only £60, which includes 2 pieces of equipment to use at home that are yours to keep. If you ever wish to repeat the course it is just £50 without the equipment.
So if you have ever worried about your posture or think that your back and neck pain is related to poor posture, why not sign up for the next course today? Check the class timetable page and ring reception to book.