Sports Performance

Few people realise that as well as treating injuries, one of the core roles of a sports physiotherapist, as defined by the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy, is in developing performance and skills. Althougbring them backh you would not usually consider going to you GP to ask for a referral to physiotherapy to help improve your 10k run time or your golf swing, that IS something that falls well within our remit. Many of our patients start with us for injury management and our goal is not just return them to sport, but to bring them back than better than they were before. Stronger, fitter, faster!

We use measurable, objective and sports specific outcomes to monitor progress throughout the treatment phase, and then tried and tested Return to Play protocols similar to the ones used at Premiership Rugby and League Football Clubs. You get the same attention to detail and standard of care that Keith, Tim and the team have delivered to a multitude of amateur, professional, international and Olympic athletes over the years.

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